About Me

I am a technologist at heart, dedicated to the application of technology for practical purposes. With over a decade of real-world, hands-on experience in the IT industry, I’ve developed a wide variety of professional skills. I’ve provided a high-level summary of my work experience below. If you would like more details, please review my Employment History page or contact me for references.


As a systems architect, I’ve developed cutting-edge solutions to meet critical business needs. My goals are to ensure that my employer stays at the leading edge of the technology landscape, and to maximize the usefulness of our software and services for our customer base. To be an effective systems architect, I have learned to identify the business problem, requirements, and constraints, and to consider technological possibilities and limits. With every solution, the goal is always to ensure that best practices like adaptability, reliability and serviceability are kept. Some of the innovative projects which I’ve recently designed and implemented include:

  • Analysis of infrastructure environments for migration to the cloud.
  • SaaS solutions for ERP software that brings instant scalability and reduces the administrative and infrastructure overhead for end-users.
  • Multi-technology backup solutions that meet aggressive RPO and RTO goals.
  • High-Availability solutions to reduce exposure to costly business downtime.

Project Management

I have been involved in many successful projects, spanning time frames from just a few days to over a year. My personal organization skills, combined with a detail-oriented, methodical and diligent personality have helped me to guide many projects to successful conclusions. Some of the projects with which I’ve been involved include:

  • Migrating complex ERP solutions from proprietary platforms to open-source solutions on scalable and cost-effective commodity hardware, resulting in nearly instantaneous ROI.
  • Data center and virtualization consolidation projects that have reduced resource consumption while simultaneously improving management efficiency.
  • Planning disaster recovery scenarios and validating their design through strenuous testing.

System Administration

In addition to helping other organizations’ IT departments improve their technology deployments, I’ve developed extensive knowledge in administering server hardware and software platforms, databases, middleware application servers and network infrastructure. This includes dealing with both traditional SQL and non-traditional MultiValue databases, and all of the complications introduced by their particular complexities. I’ve designed solutions to work around missing database features, and I’ve performed extensive scalability testing to project system growth requirements. I’ve also had experience with testing and deploying a wide variety of storage technologies, from complex SANs to ultra-high-speed SSD. As performance issues rear their ugly head, I have dug deep to solve persistent performance problems, be it through scaling hardware, tweaking operating systems, or tuning the application. To reduce reaction time and keep critical systems operation, I’ve designed and deployed monitor solutions that provide informative and actionable alerts. In pursuit of consistency and efficiency, I have crafted tools for automating repetitive processes.

Customer Support

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time providing technical support — whether in an official capacity, or in tangent to another responsibility. I’ve learned and live the value of keeping lines of communication open between all parties, particularly in high-pressure situations where the tendency is to point fingers and place blame. Figuratively speaking, I’m adept at being a technical translator who can communicate to different stakeholders in the language with which they’re comfortable. I’m persistent in seeking resolution, not willing to cave easily if there is no apparent solution. I understand business goals, and I am experienced with the delicate balance of providing both short-term workaround to return a business to operation, while continuing to seek long-term solutions to prevent issues from recurring. I’ve also found it critical to used strategies like Six Sigma to continually review and improve existing processes, products and procedures to remove defects and improve efficiency.These best practices for providing stellar support translate well into many areas of work and life.


Through my career, I’ve also been in a position to work with many sales teams, providing technical consultation and sales engineering knowledge. This has given me an opportunity to interface with prospective customers at many different levels: from end-users to C-level executives. The experience I have gained with a wide array of IT infrastructure platforms provides me an opportunity to effectively analyze requirements and translate them into practical solutions. In particular, I have experience with hardware configuration best-practices across many different hardware vendor platforms, which has allowed me to assist sales teams with custom-fitting new solutions into a prospective customer’s existing infrastructure, allowing large changes to be less disruptive.


Having benefited from the training of so many others, knowledge transfer is an important goal of mine. To that end, I have always strived to be involved in educating others. This attempt to fill knowledge gaps has taken many shapes and forms, from writing thousands of pages of technical documentation to teaching training courses. I have delivered everything from one-on-one training to giving presentations to hundreds of people in large conference environments. I am familiar with the unique benefits and challenges of training in both web-based and classroom environments.